10 things to do when travelling on a cruise

An ocean cruise is one of the best luxury vacation experience a traveller could have. A beautiful pool with a backdrop of the vast ocean and a sun sinking into it, all those favourite international cuisines you have been craving for are now in front of you, then to keep you entertained you could find night clubs, shops etc. This is what a luxury cruise experience could give you.


Here are a few tips to do when you travel on a cruise to make sure you have a memorable experience.

1.Do not hang onto the pool chair always

The best place of any cruise is the pool, in such an area where you could find most of the passengers, always make sure you allow other also to use the pool chairs. If you are not using it, make room for someone else to use it. Most cruise have a policy where you cannot keep your towel or any kind of belongings to reserver the pool chair. Incase you fail to claim your belongings after a certain period of time, the chair will be cleared and the belongings will be taken to the lost and found.

2.Never forget the queue

A cruise is filled with loads of tourist, this means you will find alot of queues. Make sure you never cut the queue and push in through lines. You will be meeting the same people more often and i’m sure no one wants to make enemies. The place that you will always queue up is at the buffet. So make sure you always put up your best behaviour.

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3.Dont miss out the lifeboat drill

For everyone who travels on the cruise it’s important that you attend the lifeboat drill. This drill takes places before you set sail. This drill is compulsory for all the passengers, and it’s electronically marked on all who attended the drill. Unless everyone’s name is ticked off the drill doesn’t come to a close. So please do make sure you participate in it.

4.Everything isn’t free on a cruise

One of the common misconception that travellers have is that everything offered in a cruise is free. Not at all. The ticket price of the cruise includes meals in the main dinning room, entertainment, pool side snacks as well as the accommodation. All other services have a price.

5. Adults only areas are strictly for adults only

Most cruise have designated areas only for adults. Respecting these are very important. You could find babysitting and child care services is most of the cruises, which means you could always enjoy the adults only events. Certain cruises do not allow kids, so make sure you research on these before making you final booking.

6.Respect the dress code rules

Respecting the dress code rule doesn’t mean you should be in that titanic attire, but cruises have certain dress codes when it comes to certain areas in the ship. For example, dining areas expect passengers to wear formal attire. It’s important to adhere to these rules to avoid any discomfort. You can always check what’s allowed make your way to those places in the ship.

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7.Be punctual

If your travelling on a ship that docks at various ports, always make sure your on time. Any lateness can affect the whole ship. Specially when the ship docks at a port and your given just a day to explore that place make sure you don’t cramp up too much of activities in your itinerary. Always have enough time to return back to the cruise.

8.Use hand sanitizers or wash your hand regularly

It’s easy to get sick while traveling. So always keep your self clean. If possible always go carry a hand sanitizer just in case you don’t find one in the ship. In most ships you could find one. But as a safety measure do carry one with you.

9.Smoke in only designated places

Almost all cruises have designated areas for smoking. Never smoke in your cabin or any areas where smoking is not allowed which could land you in big trouble. Always make sure to follow these rules so that you do not offend other passengers.

10.Be polite with the crew

Always be polite and respect the crew of the ship. The work hard to make your stay memorable. So giving them a little respect will always brighten there day and keep them motivated.

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