Airline continuation plans

Airlines worldwide have been forced to suspend flights due to the outbreak of the Covid19 outbreak. Following are airline continuation plans due to the Covid19 outbreak. This information is as of 21st March and is subject to change.

Srilankan Airlines 

21st March 2020 MAA/DEL

22nd March 2020 DEL /MAA

Flights to London / Melbourne will continue

Emirates (to Dubai)

2 flights per day until 25th March when flights will be suspended. 

Etihad  Airways (to Abudhabi)

One flight per day (may change depending on onward connection)

Oman Air (To Doha)

Two fights per day until 22nd Mar.

One flight per day thereafter 26th Mar – 2 Flights

Air Arabia (to Sharjah)

Operating Colombo / Sharjah on 24th Mar

25,26 March stands cancelled 

Operating Colombo / Sharjah on 27th Mar

Edelweiss / Swiss air  (To Zurich)

Every Fridays and Sundays

Turkish Airline (To Istanbul)

One per day up to 22nd March (Turkey is closing borders)

Azure Air (to St.Petersburg – Russia)

22nd March – Charter

Malaysia Airlines (To Kuala Lumpur)

Flights will be on 21st and 22nd Mar thereafter 2nd April

Aeroflot (Rossiya)Airlines (to Moscow)

5 flights per week as of now

Cathay Pacific (to Hong kong)

1 Flight each on 22nd, 29th Mar (Freighters 3 per week) 

China Eastern (To Shanghai)

One flight on weekends on Sundays (maybe one extra)

Royal flight Airlines

One flight on 23rd March

Lot polish airline (to warsaw)

A Special flight on 24th March 

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