Best Honeymoon Destinations In Spring

Early Spring is a great time to head out on your most awaited honeymoon. Even though the weather is somewhat cooler, it sure is a good climate to enjoy a great honeymoon. The following destinations will be a great choice to visit on your honeymoon.

1.The Netherlands

Honeymoon Destinations- The Netherlands

Netherlands is a unique honeymoon destination for couples who wish to explore its famous attractions such as the Amsterdam canals, the Anne Frank’s house and the arts display of Vincent Van Gogh museum. Come spring season, colourful tulip flowers bloom across the lands, giving the traveller a pleasant little surprise. A vacation to the Netherlands will not be complete with a trip to see the iconic windmills especially in the southern part of the country.

2.Palm Springs, California

Honeymoon Destinations- Palm Springs, California

Gorgeous mountains, trendy boutiques, great restaurants, cactus forests and a hip sense of California cool…a honeymoon in Palm Springs means surrendering to the trendy vibe this region exudes and soaking in the laid-back tranquillity of this beautiful region. Outdoorsy couples will love the hiking trails cutting across the area’s pristine mountains and canyons, and shopaholics could spend all day downtown browsing the cool downtown area, where the streets are lined with vintage fashion shops, upscale galleries, antique outlets and consignment stores where bargains beckon. Play some golf, go for a swim, explore the desert on horseback or just chill out in town and soak up the beauty!


March and April can be your best honeymoon in Paris. Paris is relatively compact, which makes it a great place to explore on foot. Most major sights and museums are within walking distance of one another. Exquisite gardens, Stunning architecture, cobblestone streets, beautifully landscaped parks, stylish boutiques, and lively cafes and bistros along the banks of the river seine await your discovery. For a panoramic view, take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower. If you can arrange to have a meal there, arrive at the restaurant Jules Verne just before twilight to savour the beautiful vistas.  

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This beautiful city has one of the churches such as Notre-Dome Cathedral and Scare-Coeur Basilica. Paris is also home to museums such as Louvre & the Musee d’Orsay which is known for its impressionist collections.

4.San Antonia, Texas

San Antonio’s delightful RiverWalk tops our list of Texas honeymoon treats. And not only the newlyweds enjoy this picturesque idyllic scene: The locals flock to it too. No wonder Travel + Leisure ranks the San Antonio RiverWalk as the number one riverwalk in America. Lined with some of San Antonio’s best restaurants and cafes, the river walk is magical both day and night. Dine alongside the water at night as tiny lights twinkle among the branches of leafy trees.

5.Panama City, Panama

The famous city for famous Canal, Panama city is fore sure a couples choice for a romantic honeymoon. This city is close to some of the best snorkeling and diving around the San Blas islands which has a hip neighborhood that couples should explore.

A visit to Casco Viejo is a must during your stay in Panama. Its a UNESCO World Heritage site with historic areas of Spanish colonial architecture in Latin America. The city today has new bards, cafes, shops and art galleries to you entertained.

The Tantalo Hotel should be the place where you will want to stay the night. The hotel its self has a variety of entertainment that one doesn’t want to miss out on.

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