Caribbean Countries Opened for Travel

Many Caribbean countries were COVID free during this pandemic. Hence many Caribbean countries have decided to reopen its borders for travellers to boost tourism. Following are some the Caribbean countries that have opened up for travelling, also a list of safety measure that has been taken and to-do before landing in those beautiful islands.

1. Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda has already opened up its borders on the 1st of June. It is mandatory for all visitors to wear a mask in public areas and all visitors who enter the country need to take COVID-19 test 7 days prior to arrival. You need to provide a test result which is negative in order to enter into the Islands.

Caribbean Countries

For more details, check the updates on the tourism board.


Jamaica another top tourist destination in the Caribbean country circle opened its borders on the 15th of June. All travellers are required to present a negative PCR test when arriving in Jamaica. The test should be no longer than 10 days from the arrival date.

Tourist who arrive from countries that are identified as low risk for COVID-19 will not need any testing done at the airport. Travellers who come from countries that are high risk for COVID will be tested on arrival at the airport. And tourist who arrive from ultra-risk countries(from certain US states) will need to take a PCR test before travelling and will be tested again on arrival.

For more details check –Jamaica travel authority

3.St Lucia

St Lucia opened up for tourist on the 4th of June. All visitors entering should have a PCR test not more than 7 days of travel. Exceptions are given to tourist who arrives only within the Caribbean countries. All tourist who arrives in St Lucia should fill out a pre-arrival travel registration form and also authorities will be carrying out regular temperature checks. Wearing a face mask is also mandatory.

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For more information check the following site.

4.Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic opened up for tourist from the 1st of July. The countries tourism website has listed out the rules and protocols that need to be followed when visiting the country.


5.Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, another Caribbean island has opened up for tourism with mandatory PCR testing for all who arrive.

Check the following website for more information.


Barbados has opened up its island on the 12th of July. All travellers who wish to enter Barbados have to fill up an online Immigration and Customs Form. This form is available 72 hours prior to your arrival in Barbados. Travellers are strongly encouraged to get a PCR test 72 hours prior to travelling. If you do not have a PCR negative test results to show upon arrival you will be tested upon arrival at Barbados and will be sent to quarantine until you receive the test results.

Check out the details here.

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