Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi to relax 14-day quarantine for passengers with COVID vaccine

Residents of UAE who have been given the Covid-19 vaccine will not, at this point be needed to isolate for 14 days on re-visitation to Abu Dhabi from abroad.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for COVID-19 Pandemic said that members in the Phase III clinical preliminaries of the Covid-19 vaccine, and the individuals who had gotten the immunization under the National Vaccination Program, would not be needed to isolate for 14 days.

UAE facilitated the world’s first Phase III preliminaries of a Covid vaccine created by Chinese drug producer Sinopharm, with more than 30,000 members volunteering for this trials.

“Vaccine trial participants are identified by a gold star in the Alhosn app. When travelling from abroad, they must take a PCR test before travelling and upon entry into the emirate but are not required to quarantine,” the announcement said.

All residents of UAE who are travelling abroad and who have been vaccinated will still be required to take a PCR test before their flights. Participants of the Phase 3 trials must take a PCR test upon arrival at UAE. Residents who participated in the National Vaccination Program need to take three PCR tests: on arrival, on the fourth day after they land, and again on the eighth day after landing. All participants of the vaccine program are still required to take a PCR test every two weeks as part of this trial.

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