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Davelis cave is a bizarre cave situated Penteli, a mountain to the north of Athens, Greece. This cave was found in 5th century BC. The region of Penteli is globally known for its ancient quarries, clear structure and its great marbles that were used to construct the scared temple of Parthenon.

Davelis cave captures once attention by its vast indoor structure. Visiting this cave put you into the feeling of walking into one of those horror movies in real life. Ther are rumours that when you enter the cave electronics go out of control, you hear water dripping upwards, weird voices, spooky itchings and so on.

Devotees used to worship at Davelis cave during the 5th Century. These devotees used to worship Pan, their god who was goat-footed and known as the god of shepherds and orgies. In the middle ages, this places was named “Cave of the Immaculate” because hermits and monks started to take shelter at Penteli due to spiritual retreats or because they were religiously persecuted. This can be proven by the Byzantine chapels built in the entrance of the cave.

Davelis Cave
Picture courtesy via- The Bizarre Cave Of Athens

Christos Natsios, aka Develis is said to have squatted with his gang in this cave during the 19th century. There are stories also which say that Christos who had a affair with French duchess Placentia discovered tunnels which were zigzagging through the cave’s guts and ending at his lovers house in the village of Pendeli.

A Greek magazine on October 1977 published an article saying that the Greek military using this cave for confidential operations. This place was sealed off from public viewing and was classified for the military. There has been news that this place is being used for a rocket base in connection with the NATO and US military.

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Giorgos Balanos a well known Greek author for his writings in paranormal and science fictions in 1982 mentions about the apocryphal underground tunnels, satellites that have been during the cold war period.

Scientists have found slate enriched with graphite between the layers of the Pentelic marble which makes this a good conductor of electromagnetic waves. This marble itself has scientific properties that makes it give electric charge under high-pressure situations.

Dimitrios Papanikolaou, emeritus professor at the Department of Dynamic, Tectonic and Applied Geology at the University of Athens who has been studying this whole Penteli since 1973, mentions that any obsessions with paranormal phenomena inside the Davelis Cave as an “idiosyncratic forces at work”. He also further when Athens was at its peak people have been spending time to extracting the best marble in the world. Maybe these places have a distinct energy of their own. The energy of people who have lived here.

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