10 things not to do when visiting Paris.

Paris has always been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. This beautiful and elegant city boast of stunning architecture, some of the best exclusive cuisines, a shopping paradise and some of the most historical museums.


As much of the excitement of travelling around Paris, tourist tends to also make certain mistakes while on holidaying in Paris. Here is a list of 10 things you should not do when you visit Paris.

1.Do not have a hectic travel plan in Paris

One of the biggest mistakes most tourist makes when to visit Paris is to cramp all of their travel plans in a few days. Paris is a large city with a variety of tourist hot spots. As a tourist, you need to have enough time to absorb all of its beauty. When planning your vacation make sure you plan to visit not more than 3-4 places on a single day.

2.Do not forget to say “BONJOUR”

Just as saying excuse me in other countries, In France it’s expected that you start a conversation BONJOUR and start a conversation. It may be a restaurant, a shopping mall or even at a ticket counter, make you when in Paris you start with a polite BONJOUR.

3.Do not eat in a hurry

Make sure you bring out the patience inside you when you visit a restaurant. Do not eat in a hurry. Compared to the rest of the world, service is a bit slow in France. So make sure you practice your patience before hopping on a plane to Paris.

4.Always make sure to check opening times

It is important to always check the opening times of tourist places before you visit them. Since in Paris there are different opening times of certain places. So make sure to check them on official websites before making the move.

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5. Do not make yourself vulnerable to pickpockets

Just like all other metro cities Paris is also vulnerable to pickpockets, especially in the crowded tourist areas. Make sure you keep your valuables safe and be vigilant always when moving through crowded areas like tourist places, metros etc. If you come across teenagers hanging around make sure to be extra cautious, also when travelling in the metro make sure travel in the train which isn’t crowded.

6. Do not purchase museum passes unnecessarily

Make sure you don’t purchase museum passes if you do not plan to visit atleast two museums a day. Most of the passes to museums can be purchased online.

7.Do not talk to loudly

Make sure that your conversations are heard only to the person who is intended to hear it. Not the whole metro or the whole restaurant you are sitting at. Talking loud can draw unwanted attention specially to pickpocketer’s so make sure you keep the volume low.

8. Avoid buying your bread, wine and cheese at supermarkets

Make sure that you buy bread and cheese from one of the bakeries. Always make sure to for ‘une bagutte de tradition bien cuite s’il vous plait!’ That’s a matter of good taste. Eating the baguette on the street by sitting down one of those benchers, make sure you bring you own knife to spread that cheese and a glass to pour out that tasty wine. That’s what real Parisians do. Get your wine from a cellarman for much better wine. You go down to La Cave des Abbesses to purchase some of that finest wine. La Grande Epicerie de Paris is the place to find bread, cheese and wines all on the same place.

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9.Avoid staying near Eiffel tower

Avoid staying in a hotel next to Eiffel tower. The area surrounding it is mostly filled with tourist. You will have fewer chances of meeting locals in this area. Tourist who tends to stay in this vicinity misses out on the true nature of french culture. Places like Saint-Germain are an ideal place to stay when visiting Paris.

10. Do not visit only major tourist sites

Mostly tourist make the mistake of roaming through Paris like configured robot. Hoping between Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum. Well, Paris is more than that. Take walk down the streets through the popular neighbourhoods like the 18th or 11th districts which are full of artisans , little shops and streets that make all the charms of this beautiful city.

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