Poland |A tourist guide to Poland

Poland, a country situated in Central Europe serves as a crossroad which links the forested lands of northwestern Europe to the sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean and the fertile plains of the Eurasian frontier. Poland has been subjected to many invaders during its middle ages. The people of Poland has always been strong in maintaining its strong culture and traditions even through its tough times.

Poland is a country with so many historical attractions. Tourist flock to Poland to visit many archaeological sites, beautiful architectural buildings, beautiful landscapes and also has spectacular train journeys. From the romantic beauty of Sudety mountains to the beaches of Wladyslawowo and Jastarnia.

Things one should do when visiting Poland

1.Wander the Krakow Old Town

Poland,Krakow Old Town

Krakow is one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Europe and one of the few that escaped destruction in World War II. Today it’s famed for its soaring Gothic church spires and cobblestone streets.

2.Stroll through the Warsaw Old Town

Poland,Warsaw Old Town

The Warsaw Old Town was completely rebuilt in the post-war period. the arduous efforts of the locals in recreating their historic centre just as it was in the Middle Ages, has been called the most ambitious reconstruction project in history.

3.Saunter around the Gdansk Old Town

Poland,Gdansk Old Town

The Gdansk Old Town is the fusion of Germanic, Baltic, Scandinavian and Slavic influences in Polish culture and architecture. It has gorgeous merchant guilds from the Hanseatic period, Franciscan churches, and oodles of remnants of the city’s onetime booming maritime industry.

4.Spot bison in Bialowieza Forest

Sprawled over the border with Belarus in the extreme east of the country, the Bialowieza Forest is considered one of the last remaining swathes of primaeval wood in Europe. This is also home to the only remaining European bison in Poland.

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5.Auschwitz museum and memorial

Poland,Auschwitz museum and memorial

Auschwitz is perhaps the single most emotional and sobering reminder of the horrors of the Nazi regime in Europe.it’s become not only a museum but a memorial to the Holocaust and the destruction of the European Jews.

6.Wonder at Malbork Castle

In a frenzy of high walls and spiky turrets, great bulwarks and formidable gatehouses, the mighty Malbork Castle is among the most enthralling medieval relics in the country. It was completed in 1406, when it was the largest brick fort in the world, and has been used by both the Teutonic Knights and the rulers of Prussia over the centuries.

7.Hike the Tatra Mountains

The shimmering mountain lakes and the beautiful valleys of the Tatra Mountains rarely fail to draw a gasp. Covered in fir trees and rock-ribbed hills, Hiking is number one in the summer, with countless trails weaving towards the Slovak border from the town of Zakopane.

8.Ski-in Zakopane

This hearty town of timber-clad cottages and highland taverns, in the deepest southern reaches of the country, is also home to the top places to ski in Poland. The best spots are in nearby Bialka and on the soaring tops of Kasprowy Wierch.

9.Discover the islands of the Wroclaw Old Town

Wroclaw’s Old Town is spread over a series of islets on the Oder River. That means a number of arched bridges connect the cobbles of the Salt Market Square with the Gothic tops of the Town Hall There’s never been a more handsome setting for a medieval cathedral!

10. See the Slowinski National Park

Bubbling up from the Baltic shores of northern Poland, the protected reserves of Slowinski National Park are famed for their shifting nature; they move this way and that over time, swaying like the frothy swells of the sea close by.

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11.Laze on the Hel Peninsula

The Hel Peninsula actually promises to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Poland (especially for beach lovers). Long stretches of golden sand are backed by grass-topped dunes. The Baltic Sea laps the sunbathing spots, and the occasional little fishing town pops up from the shore, all as the headland juts out into the sea on its own.

12.Road trip the Masurian Lake

The Masurian Lake District unfolds in all its glory. Undulating hills of green grass and blooming flowers roll to the horizon, and countless waters sit, reflective-like under the sun.

13. Walk in the Beskids

The Beskids Mountains dominate the south-eastern corner of Poland. They rise and fall in soft, sculpted ridges along the Slovak and Ukraine borders, enfolding deep valleys of babbling rivers and dense forests.

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