Statues and Sculptures of good fortune

Statues and sculptures are a form of art or remembering someone special. But these same Statues and sculptures are also known for its good fortune. From the Bronze Breasts in Paris to Lincoln’s Nose in Illinois here are the some of the statues and sculptures you need to touch to bring good fortune on yourself.

1.Kiskiralylany Aka The Little Princess, Budapest, Hungary

Statues and Sculptures

The Little Princess sits on the railings by the tramline near the Szechenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest. She’s the creation of sculptor Laszlo Marton, who was inspired by his daughter’s love for dressing up as a princess, using her bathrobe as a cape and a newspaper crown.

This statue was put up in the 1990s since then it has become a tradition for anyone who passers by to rub its knees for good fortune.

2.Cumil The Sewer Worker, Bratislava, Slovakia

Statues and Sculptures

The Cumil emerges from a manhole cover on the corner of Laurinska and Panska street in Bratislava’s Old Town with a cheeky smile on his face.

This statue placed into the pavement in 1997 as part of a regeneration project. Wishes made when touching the top of his hat will come true.

3.Il Porcellino, Florence, Italy

Statues and Sculptures

The Il Porcellino sculpture can be see outside the Mercato del Porcellino. Visitors can feed coins into its mouth while making a wish and they’ll collect in its stomach. The wishing is complete once you rub the boars nose afterwards.

4.The monument of the Chimney Sweep, Lviv, Ukraine

Statues and Sculptures

The Chimney Sweep monument makes its visitors work for their wishes. First the visitors have to climb up to the very top floor of the House of Legends cafe. The once the reach the roof, there is another spiral staircase to ascend before they get the opportunity to try and throw a coin into its hat for good luck.

5.Monument to Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, Lviv, Ukraine

Statues and Sculptures

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch is the founder of the S&M movement and his statue stands outside the Masoch cocktail bar on Serbska Street in Lviv Old Town.

To wish for good luck the visitors have to pop their hand into his pocket. Be careful when you put your hand into his pocket you might feel the statues ‘private parts’

6.The statue of Dalida, Paris, France

Statues and Sculptures

Located in the Place Dalida in Paris’s Montmartre disctrict, the bust of Dalida is memorial built for a French singer and actress Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti who was known as Dalida in her professional arena. She was known as the sweet heart of Paris selling over 170 million albums and singles world wide.

The to bring luck upon you is by touching her breasts.

7.Abraham Lincolin, Springfield, Illinois

Statues and Sculptures

Outside Abraham Lincoln’s tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Illinois there’s a bust of Lincoln. The locals say that when you rub his nose it will bring luck and others say it will bring wisdom.

8.Fala, Washington DC, USA

Statues and Sculptures

Fala a Scottish terrier was the dog of US president Franklin D Roosevelt. A life-size statue sits by his master’s feet inside the sweeping Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC.

Rubbing its nose can bring good luck, but some say rubbing its ears will bring good fortune. Rub both just to keep yourself in the safe side.

10. Marin Drzic, Dubrovik, Croatia

Statues and Sculptures

Marin Drzic was a famous Croatian writer who was affectionately known today as Dubrovnik’s Shakespeare. His statue can be found across the street from the Church of Saint Blaise, Close to the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik’s red-roofed old Town. Local myths say that rubbing his nose will bring good luck.

11.Bremen Town Musicians, Riga, Latvia

This statue shows a cockerel perching on a cat standing on a dog balancing on a donkey. This statue was inspired by the Brothers Grimm fable who told the story of four mistreated animals who ran away to become musicians. When you rub the noses or beaks of each of the four animals it’s considered to bring good fortune. The statue can be found on Skarnu Street between St. Peter’s Church and the convent Yard.

12.John Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The statue of John Harvard that is found at Harvard University is said to have a lucky left foot. Students rub its boot to bring them good luck in exams.

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