Thailand COVID-19 Travel Update

Thailand one of the few Asian countries is now reopening to tourists. Thailands Phuket International has opened its doors for international visitors. Emirates is the first international flight which is touching down in Phuket since it’s reopening for tourists. Phuket International Airport was “100% ready” to receive foreign tourists and test them on arrival for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Phuket is welcoming and testing tourists arriving on the STV [special Tourist Visa]. The lab and mobile lab trucks together can test 578 tourists per day, in August 82 hotels in Phuket had applied and been waiting to be approved as ALSQ venues. only 17 hotels have been approved so far.

The STV is now being applied to tourists and crews of international yachts, originally made open to long-stay visitors to Thailand of all sorts, from tourists to business passengers, businessmen and others, under requirements that they comply with Thailand ‘s stringent public health regulations.

The STV provides for a 90-day stay in the Kingdom, which can be extended twice each time for an extra 90 days. The cost of the STV is 2,000 Baht and each expansion is an extra 2,000 Baht.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, the visa is officially only applicable to visitors and crews of international yachts from low-risk countries. However, international visitors and members of the yacht crew who arrived in Thai waters prior to the country’s state of emergency declaration in March are also entitled to apply for the STV.

It is recommended that qualified applicants ask for further information at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

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