Tips when travelling with a baby

Are you travelling with your toddler? As parents it’s not an easy task while travelling with your baby. Here are a few tips when travelling with a baby the next time you decide to travel.

Tips when travelling with a baby

1. Book a direct flight or one with a longer layover. 

This is one of the main tips when travelling with a baby, always schedule extra time on the ground between flights. (Two to three hours is probably ideal, unless your flight is delayed quite a bit.) You don’t want to be running through the airport with a baby, diaper bag, car seat and other travel paraphernalia.

2. Book a seat that has a bassinet connection and a separate seat for your older child.

Always pre book bassinet for babies since you will not get in at the last minute if more mothers are travelling. 

3. Visit the Airport restroom before your flight

Ideally, you want to board the plane with a dry diapered child. Therefore, be sure to hit up the airport bathroom one last time before heading down the jetway. While you’re there, you may want to double up on the diaper cream and put your baby into not one, but two diapers for extra leak protection.

4.Bring lots of extra clothing and diapers

Dress your baby or toddler in layers that can be taken off if your child gets too hot, or layered back on if your child gets too cold. A cold baby is a crying baby,messes can happen, so always have an extra outfit and diapers close by and easily accessible.

5.Be prepared with snacks and fluids 

Be sure to pack nonperishable foods. Keep baby hydrated because airplanes are drying.something to suck on to help relieve air pressure, especially during take-off and landing.

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6.Take advantage of pre-boarding 

You may think you should skip the pre-board to ensure spending as little time as possible on the airplane with your little one. But getting situated on board a flight takes more time with a young child. Flying with a baby or toddler is stressful enough without having passengers behind you sighing as you struggle to buckle in your little darling.

7. Bring favourite items that your child associates with sleep 

Bring his favorite toy, favorite blanket, and favorite pillow, so he is both comfortable and cozy. You want to bring things onboard that your baby associates with bedtime, so that you can give him cues that help put him to sleep.

8.Consider scheduling trips around your child’s sleep time

A child can get into his jammies as soon as he gets on board a plane or into a car, and, fingers crossed, go right to sleep.

9.Always sit right next to your baby.  

Make sure you always site next to your toddler so that they feel safe and secure with you seated next to him.

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