Tips When Travelling With Friends

Travelling is a great way of enjoying life, especially when you travel with friends. It helps you escape the stress of everyday life, make unforgettable connections and memories. Travelling with friends or group trips can cause misunderstandings and conflicts mainly when travellers have different budget preferences. Money should not be a blocking stone for a memorable adventure, there are ways that could ease this tension and help travellers in groups to enjoy a memorable trip.

tips when travelling with friends

Here are a few tips when travelling friends with different budgets.

1.Discuss your budget in advance

One of the main tips when travelling is always to discuss the budget each one in the group can afford. Make sure each one has an open conversation about your goals for the trip and the budget each one can afford, this helps in eliminating any emotional discomfort.

“I think the biggest thing to keep in mind when travelling with friends at different budgets would be to be open about it before booking. everyone should be open about what they are able to afford on the trip and agree to accommodation, food, transit, tours, etc. before booking so that everyone is on the same page” Amber Primdahl, travel blogger at SHE’S CATCHING FLIGHTS.

2. Discuss about each ones travel priorities

The next tips when travelling with your friends is to make sure you to have a detailed discussion about the activities each and everyone would like to do as part of the trip, So this helps to know which types of activities or tours are important to everyone travelling in the group and it helps everyone stay on the same page. Discussing these details helps to plan out activities based on everyone’s budgets. Making down a list of activities with the cost involved will be helpful.

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3.Plan out activities affordable to everyone

Try to plan out activities which that are of low cost and free. This helps the whole group enjoy most of the trip together. The more you travel with the group the more you are going to enjoy the whole trip and make alot of memories.

4.Use and share your reward and points

When travelling with friends, if you have reward points that can be used at hotels or airlines try to use them. This will help budget strapped friends manage the burden of the cost. There is nothing more fun than staying at the same hotel or place when on holiday with friends while maintaining your privacy. So try to use those discounts and reward points the next time you plan a trip with your friends.

5. You can always separate at times

You might be travelling as a group to make some memories, but that doesn’t mean you always have to do stuff as a group. You can always try out stuff alone as well. When someone wants to do something that is out of your budget you can always let the others go for that and you can try out something that suites your budget. Make it clear ahead of time that you don’t always have to do stuff together.

6. Have some free time

Make sure to have some free time in your whole itinerary. Don’t stress out the trip by having something each and every hour. It makes your whole holiday complicated and so stressful. Making free time in your itinerary helps everyone in the group do things on their own, like a swim in the pool, shopping or reading a book.

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7.Plan out your spending

One of the key tips when travelling is to plan out and record all the money you spent and who paid for what. So at the end of the trip it’s easy to split the cost between everyone. You can use apps such as Splitwise and WeTravel.

8.Be strategic about meals

You don’t always need to eat together. Based on your budgets each one can choose their food preference. This eases alot of tensions and misunderstandings. Make sure at the start of the trip you do discuss these stuff. Always try out different kinds of food where ever you travel. Each country has its own authentic cuisines and street food variety. So make sure according to your budget you try out a few places.

9. Be ready to adjust to different accommodations

Be ready to adjust to different accommodation types. Since you will be having friends with lower budgets and you don’t want to push them some where else very cheap to stay. So it’s important everyone in the group plans out a common budget affordable by everyone when it comes to accommodation.

Hostels are a great place to stay when travelling with friends with different budgets. If you have large enough group of friends, you can rent out a hostel room entirely for yourselves.

10.Think of your long term friendships

Always make sure this trip is about enjoying with your best buddies and making memories, because at the end of the days these are memories are which you will cherish through out you life. So make every effort to keep these long term friendships going, trips like this can bring in unwanted tensions and misunderstandings. So take it easy and make sure you enjoy it!!

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Hope you enjoyed these tips when travelling with friends. Please do drop anything we have missed in the comments based on your experience.

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